It's Tuesday again!

And I'm back with another video Tuesday Tidbit.

Before I share the video, I've been talking to a number of you about the CEO Peer Groups I'm starting. I am also looking at starting an executive-level group for those at the senior executive/VP level.

If you have any interest in this, don't hesitate to reach out. I've been reaching out to many of you personally and will continue to do this, but please don't hesitate to ping me first if I haven't yet.

I would LOVE to spend 15 minutes with you and share the
benefits of being part of a formal peer group. If you're interested in learning, simply respond to this email.

Let's get into the tidbit…

Consider the following question:

Can you think of an important initiative (past or present) that wasn't or isn’t being treated with the level of importance you think it should have? 

Did it fail for that reason?

Learn why new initiatives often fail, are met with reluctance, and what you can do to avoid these failures moving forward.