In my upcoming book, Evergreen: Cultivate the Enduring Customer Loyalty that Keeps Your Business Thriving – I introduce the Three Cs of Evergreen companies.

I talked about the Principle of Character in a Tidbit a few weeks back.

The third C is Content.

At the most basic level, content is the core of your business. It’s a shorthand term I use to describe what your customers are buying from you. In some cases, it means products; in others services; and in still others, it’s information.

Content is the core “thing” the customer receives in exchange for money.

So many marketers and companies get into trouble by breaking one of the fundamental laws of Content. They error by focusing on what they want to sell and what they believe their customers want. They error by focusing on the product or service itself.

They believe what they do is the most important thing they do – even though we all have competitors offering pretty close to the same “content,” who are all fighting for our business.

They get caught up in their core product or service offering and pay little attention to the things that matter most—mainly the customers’ experience and the feelings they associate with doing business with the company.

In Evergreen, I’ll show you why your content is only a small part of your company’s success. Without content, there is no business, but just having fabulous content alone is no guarantee of success.

Here’s something we all often often forget and the main thrust of today’s Tuesday Tidbit.

The only thing worth focusing on is what the customer really wants (not what you believe they want), and how your products and services (your content) make the customer feel.