In the marketing world…

[tweetable alt=”Retention is boring and optimization is sexy, but at what cost?”]Customer retention is boring, and optimization
(especially around acquiring new customers) is sexy.[/tweetable]

It feels great, and you get practically immediate feedback on how good your marketing is and if it’s working how it should be–very similar to, well, sex.

It’s not just like sex, though. It’s also like a one-night stand, which seemed like a good idea at the time, but usually leaves you feeling empty the next day.

A lot of the sales and marketing activities we’re now engaged in are fun, glitzy, and glamorous. It’s often pretty simple to measure how well you’re doing almost immediately –  once again, very similar to, well, sex.

In my new book, Evergreen, I discuss how the addiction has become the worst business epidemics in years costing companies time, energy, resources, and massive amounts of profits.

Now of course, every company needs new customers and clients to grow – I’d be crazy to suggest otherwise.

Thankfully, there’s a way to shift your resources from the frantic pursuit of new customers to engaging your existing customer base in a way that creates greater profits, a better return on every marketing dollar spent, generates stronger referrals, better testimonials, an experience customers will rave and tell others about, and a whole handful of other profitable benefits.

Each day I’m talking to people who are obsessed with exploring some new claim of land to mine the mythical new customer.

They’re looking to increase conversations.

They’re interested in writing better copy.

They’re trying to create viral videos.

They’re hoping to figure out social media.

Or, they’re spending enormous amounts of time trying to determine best time of the day to send an email.

They’re addicted to the sexy stuff and it costs them a LOT of money.

Today’s Key Question:

Are you doing enough to nurture and care for your existing customer base?  [tweetable alt=””]Are you losing potential profits like deciduous trees lose their leaves each year?[/tweetable]

The first step is admittance. The next step is to take action. If you’re ready to discover a better way to dramatically maximize your sales and marketing efforts, call me.