Picture this scenario.

You’re flying in a plane. It’s just you and the pilot. The pilot suddenly keels over with a heart attack and dies.

The plane now is in a nose-dive.

You now have a choice to make, and you need to make it fast. (This is where your chameleon skills come into play).

Option One: Do nothing. Hold on for the ride. Let gravity decide your outcome.

Option Two: Take control.

Please choose option two. Don’t blame the pilot. Don’t throw a fit. Don’t huff and puff. Just take control.

When your life’s in a nosedive and everything that could possibly go wrong is going wrong, take control.

Don’t blame the economy. Don’t blame your circumstances. Don’t blame your boss. Don’t blame your co-workers. Don’t blame your customers. Don’t blame your spouse.

We all know there are times and moments when it seems like everything is out of our control. “I’ve never flown a plane, and I don’t know how to fly!!!”

Of course you don’t know how! But don’t you think when the stuff’s hitting the fan, it’s worth a shot? The alternative outcome is guaranteed to be worse.

Grab the controls – and take control.