Over the past ten years, I’ve focused heavily on simple interventions and pushed back when my clients wanted complex. 

“You say you want a fancy CEO dashboard with a dozen visual reports that you can quickly glance at every morning? That sounds great, but tell me how you’ll use those dozen reports. Actually, just tell me how you’ll use one or two of them.”

Most can’t.

Over the past ten years, if there’s been one lesson that’s proven true over and over again: 

The companies most that are unwilling to spend time on the basics are the ones that need them the most.

Early in my career, I focused on the most boring topic – nurturing your existing clients over getting new ones. Everybody wanted the sexy side of sales.

This was the cornerstone of my first book, Evergreen. My clients have done very well by turning their focus inwards to dramatically reduce attrition rates, improve the lifetime value of their clients, and as a side benefit, have better reputations & higher referral rates. 

Since then, I’ve identified a dozen other similarly important areas and again overlooked by most companies for being too basic.

Avid readers will recognize many of these.

Among them are building out your processes, internal benchmarking, coaching, and exception reporting.

All of these areas of focus are worth an investment of time, attention, and money (most companies aren’t)

Here’s a small example:

I’ve focused a lot in the last year, specifically on helping companies build the right processes and ensuring people do what you expect them to be doing. 

Much of that work has revolved around helping senior executives recognize what they should be measuring and the things they can safely ignore. 

This work has had such a demonstrable impact on my clients that it’s hard to quantify fully.

It’s allowed us to build a collaborative sales process in a single day instead of laboring over this for six months only to have your sales team revolt when you tell them the company is bringing on a new CRM.

It’s allowed us to trim the fat and build a meaningful corporate strategy in a day, rather than a binder full of fluff that accumulates over a year.

It’s allowed us to make ongoing client engagement a primary driver of new revenue growth and give senior executives confidence that those efforts are occurring.

Here’s something to consider:

If you’ve read more than five of my Tidbits, you know that these areas are essential. 

If you haven’t put them into place in a way that you’re 100% confident is working yet, then chances are you’re not going to be able to do it on your own now all of a sudden.

After all, if you could have done it already, it would be done.

If it’s not, then let me help.

I now work with my best clients in two ways.

  1. Through a trusted advisory relationship where I can become an integral part of your team to help you create the most meaningful changes immediately and ongoing.
  2. The 1-Day Sales Process which is applicable in far more areas than just sales.

It’s now the 10th day of January, and the year is just getting going! So NOW is the perfect time to have a conversation.

If we haven’t had a discussion, now’s the time. Reach out 

So feel free to reply to this email, and let’s set up a time to talk. To make things easier, go ahead and schedule a time on my calendar HERE.

Your Challenge For This Week: 

The Boring Eat The Bold – Embrace It in 2022!

Spend 15-30 minutes with me over the next two weeks to see what boring things you’re missing at the expense of things that may be sexy but lack the substance needed for the year you want to have.


P.S. The third way to interact with me is in a CEO Peer Group with me. We’re off to the races with a global, dynamic group of CEOs. We still have room for you to check it out. Reach out if you’d like to learn more.