Last Thursday I took my car to the dealer for its first servicing check-up.

Shortly after arriving I was told there was a “recall” and they would be updating the car’s software to improve my steering.

Two hours later I got the car back.

Let me tell you…This was no minor update! This was a radical improvement.

The driving experience and steering had changed tremendously….and for the better.

The car is dramatically more responsive.

The steering is more accurate, and with the slightest movement of the wheel, the car moves with laser-like precision.

I’ve only been driving the car for a few months, but it’s a fantastic vehicle. I was already overly enamored with the driving experience. I didn’t believe it could possibly get any better…but boy was I wrong.

It’s a lot like your marketing and company’s growth.

Too often we think our steering is “accurate enough” and the company is moving in the right direction.

Too often we believe our team is ready to change lanes at a moment’s notice, or that we’ve got the ability swerve and miss a surprise obstacle in the road.

But what if you could optimize and do it better?

For example, here are three questions to consider:

Are you constantly improving and maximizing the long-term value of your customer/client base, or are you focused on short-term profits?

Are you optimizing your marketing dollars to generate the greatest ROI? Do you know how to leverage your current marketing assets, or your existing customer base?

Are you constantly learning more about what matters most to your customers, and are you continuously meeting and exceeding those needs?

If you answered resounding-without-hesitation yes to all three questions, then congrats! You might be good for another 8000 miles…

But if you aren’t totally sure, then consider another question:

Are you steering optimally or do you (or your company) need a software update?