There are a million books out there that tell us the importance of thinking outside the box. I’ve read hundreds of them.

The ultimate benefit of those books comes when you realize you don’t really need to read very many of them, because the box is really just an artificially, self-imposed restriction you’ve placed on yourself. The box is what you decide is your reality. Tony Robbins calls them limiting beliefs.

The box is how you gauge your situation or your business at the present moment.

Is your business doing poorly because of a bad economy? Is your business stuck in the box, or is your business doing poorly because you’ve chosen to accept it and do nothing about it? Surely, you could never attempt such a unique outside-the-box method of increasing your business, could you? Not you. Stay Stuck.

Are you angry at your current situation? Frustrated that you can’t get that pay raise or that gig you’ve been applying for. Is it because you’re stuck in the box or is it because you choose to watch six hours of Dancing With The Stars every night?

The box, fortunately for us, is a fictitious confine. It’s devastating because the box is so powerful, we all find ourselves struggling with the invisible cardboard walls on a daily basis. I know I do.

Take one step to the left or one step to the right. Take one step forward or one step back.

Basically, a single step in any direction and you’re out of the box.

Try it.

Okay, you’re out. Now what?