If you’re a smoker, I know you’ve probably done it.

You’ve gone to Google and typed in “How to quit smoking“.

If you’re overweight, you’ve probably done a search for “how to lose weight“.

There’s a simple little trick to ensuring your success when it comes to “how to do something.”

The trick is this:

It’s realizing that it really has nothing to do with the HOW you do it, it has everything to do with the WANT to do it.

How to = Hoping someone externally will tell you how to do it. We’re willing to spend money on this. Usually we’re hoping the how is quick, easy, pain-free, and fast. This is the reason the world will never have a shortage of “how to” products and diet pills.

Want to = Internal motivation. This is the force inside you. Think Star Wars.

Stop looking for the “how.”

When you truly want to quit smoking, or change a habit, it’s easy.

Yup, I said it. It’s easy.

Question: How do you quit smoking?

Answer: You stop smoking, if you want to. Your internal strength is stronger than the addiction. It comes down to want.

The desire, the thirst, the inspiration, the motivation, all come from deep down within. It’s not about finding a method, or buying another information product, or paying for hypnosis. It’s all about getting that desire’s temperature up to a boiling point. When it reaches the boiling point and you truly “want” to quit, the how part is easy.