I’ve had a lot of people email me about my upcoming Opportunity Workshop. Because of that interest, I’ve put together a special  ONE-TIME Teleconference which I’m practically giving away….

People were constantly asking me how I’m able to effortlessly write for global publications like Fast Company Magazine or Forbes, be interviewed on sites like Mixergy, or quoted and mentioned in places like The New York Times & Reuters, or how I’m able to hang out with NY Times Bestselling Authors, top bloggers, and the business elite…

This workshop/teleseminar is the answer to those requests.

Here are the details of this exclusive 1-hour teleconference…

  • How to quickly recognize opportunities that will have a positive and dramatic impact on increasing revenue without wasting your precious time and energy.
  • How to think bigger and develop an abundance mentality. Learn strategies to overcome the single most important roadblock to your success – your own head!
  • Tools, techniques and immediately applicable practices to dramatically launch yourself into another atmosphere.
  • How to simplify everything you do – let’s not just recite the old “work smarter, not harder” mantra, but let’s practically implement it. Learn how to master your time for maximum effectiveness.
  • How to develop a Global Presence while Staying Local
  • How to stand out from the racket – become an object of other people’s fascination within weeks!
  • How to Network on Steroids – without having to go to cocktail parties.
  • How to actually take home what you learn and apply it!

The Opportunity Teleconference:

June 25th, 10:00AM EST
Download Included
$75 Until June 13 ($100 after June 13th)
You can sign up HERE.