This is just a little idea that I had today. If you want to participate, please do. If not, no harm done.

The idea is simple. We’ve all had ideas which at one point we thought could be “the next big thing.” Most of us, including myself will never turn those ideas into a reality. And of those who do, many will still fail in terms of generating any sort of income.

Here’s the idea. Let your idea go. Pass it along. That’s right! If you had an idea and you never developed it, or had the time, or had the urge to follow through, maybe you could let it go? I realize not everyone will be ready to take this step. Many of you will. Many will find it therapeutic to release that idea thats been in the back of your head.

The reason I decided to do this was because today I had a few emails back and fourth with one of the top marketers of our day. He had posted a simple yet basic idea for a web business on his blog. The idea was fantastic. I emailed him and asked, “how could you publicly post such a great idea? take it and run with it man” To this he responded, “the best ideas do things when you let em go….” This really got me thinking about the numerous web ideas I’ve had over the years only to let them slowly fade away into thin air.

I started to see his point, why not let em go? Maybe somebody can do something with them! Let em go completely! Give the idea away for good! Even if somebody takes your idea and becomes wildly successful! Just let it go. Imagine seeing one of your ideas actually created and successful! Would you be jealous? No! You gave the idea away to move on. You’d probably be thrilled just to see your idea come to life!

Here is my idea to give away. It’s nothing amazing our groundbreaking. I do believe if done correctly you could set up a site and find hundreds if not thousands of online marketers to utilize the tool. You could sell a cheap paypal subscription fee of say $6.95 a month….

What you’re seeing below is my actual brainstorming notes for this project.

IM Tools
could be a browser tool bar or a web 2.0 style site…

The site would be for Internet Marketers and include the following elements and more.
– Keep track of to-do lists. Each day, you put 8 items in the to-do and check them off as you go.
– An expense column – each expense is easily inputted or uploaded and automatically calculated
– An Income Column – all income is easily inputted or uploaded and automatically calculated
– A Daily Total Goals Column which subtracts your expenses from daily income
– A Yearly Total Goals which automatically subtracts your daily totals from your yearly goal or adds them if your losing…..
– A Tagged Sites/Bookmark tool.. While you surf if you see something interesting you can tag it or bookmark it.
– Possibly plugged in the the Adwords/Adsense API
There, It’s gone! If anyone thinks they could develop my idea or take it and make it better, go ahead! I let it go! It no longer belongs to me. Keep a watch on the thread, you may find an idea you want to explore as an online business.

Same as the last post, anybody who comments will be placed in a draw for a $30 Google Adwords credit.

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