I wanted to share a brief update about my book Evergreen.

Here’s the CliffsNote’s version.

1) The book is still 227 days away from being released.

2) You can’t pre-order the Kindle version yet, but I have been told that it’s coming soon.

3) The cover has been updated to include the fabulous Alan Weiss’s name on it who wrote a fantastic foreword for the book.

4) I have some amazing pre-order bonuses available HERE. Three books, for example, gets you access to a $297 video series I’ll be doing next year. If you’re in business and looking to rapidly improve your sales and marketing efforts, this is a no-brainer. This course will sell for $297. You can get in for the cost of three books. Spread them around the office or give two away. Simple.

If you pre-order a single book, for example, you’ll get you a surprise bonus with $197. With any pre-order, all you need to do is forward me a copy of your receipt, and I’ll take care of the rest.

5) The book is available for pre-order everywhere it should be except Barnes & Noble.

6) My fellow Canadians can order from Chapters.ca or Amazon.ca – details again HERE.

7) I have secured representation with two incredible Speaking Bureaus here in Canada.

First, I’m thankful to be represented by Marilyn Cassidy of Speakers Group Inc. Marilyn is amazing. She drove two hours to see me speak and secured a speaking engagement for me the following week.

Secondly, I’m very fortunate to have also secured representation with the National Speakers Bureau. You can read about this here. The NSB represents speakers like George Stroumboulopoulos, Kevin O’Leary, and many more.

That’s it for now, I’ll share more details when I have them.

Thanks again for those who have already pre-ordered. I really appreciate it. If you do pre-order, don’t forget to forward a copy of your receipt to [email protected]