Below is a photo of earth taken from the surface of Mars. They even had to use a pixilated image to show us just how tiny we are.

To me, this photo represents another reason not to sweat the small stuff in life. We’re all just small, tiny, specks in the big scheme of things.

Were you late for work this morning because of a traffic jam or car accident? Did you get angry?

Did someone cut you off recently while driving? Did you get upset? Maybe flipped the finger?

Did you tell someone off recently only to find out later you told off the wrong person?

Are you stressed out about something beyond your control?

Lately, during my own moments of stress, I’ve thought about this photo. When I ponder it for a few moments, my stress levels begin to drop. I realize that even though we’re just all tiny little specks, living inside a tiny speck, it’s still a big world. And specks are important.

We’ve all been given an opportunity. These little specks do make a difference. We’ve all been given the opportunity to enrich the lives of other specks.

Might as well make it count. It’s the weekend – now’s a perfect time to start.

See you Monday.


Earth From Mars (flickr / NASA) via gizmodo via boinboing