The 2015 Evergreen Summit


Learn to Build and Sustain Customer Relationships and Create Eternal Life For Your Company, Brand, or Organization

Relive The Evergreen Summit, a powerful live conference led by renowned marketing thought leader, Noah Fleming, author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service, Evergreen: Cultivate the Enduring Customer Loyalty that Keeps Your Business Thriving.


Hosted in October of last year, this unique event gave attendees unique marketing insights into building customer rapport and cultivating relationships throughout the lifespan of their sales funnels, marketing plans and company growth.

And now, you can purchase the entire exclusive event in digital format at a fraction of what attendees paid. Guests attending the live event paid $697 per person to be there and the event was completely sold out.

Reaching the Summit of Business Success


Order today and you’ll receive digital access to the entire day, giving you total lifetime access to innovative business strategies, videos and interviews complete with actionable tools you can immediately implement into your sales efforts.

A proactive approach to building customer relationships, experience this ground-breaking look behind the marketing curtain with four days’ worth of videos that offer you unlimited access to:

  • Renowned business leaders and marketing experts
  • In-depth insights from Noah Fleming
  • Bold secrets on creating relationship sustainability
  • Four easy-to-digest recordings of the event in the comfort of your own home
  • Event recordings available via your laptop or mobile devices
  • A host of action-oriented information you can implement immediately.

Video 1: Building and Sustaining a Customer Base

The opening session of our event comprises some of the most important agenda topics focused on the most important factor in any business—customers. We’ll show you how to turn potential customers into brand advocates by covering the following areas and more:

  • Importance of Customer Loyalty
  • Matching Sales and Marketing Efforts to End Goals
  • Understanding the Principle of Character
  • Customer Loyalty from the Top Down

Video 2: Guest Speaker Shawn Veltman
Learn about the power of tripwires in your business and how to create short- and long-term solutions for growth, sustainability, and customer-centric plans of action.
Video 3: Leveraging End-to-End Sales to Impact Revenue Streams


The third session of The Evergreen Summit consists of how to take your product, business or marketing strategy from idea through fruition. This will consist of how to connect with new customers and pull them through your entire business “funnel” and how to keep them engaged and responsive. Video 3 consists of:

  • Defining and Understanding Ideal Customers
  • What Happens After the Sale?
  • Pick-3 Process: Tactics that Double Yearly Revenue
  • Maximizing Referrals
  • How Thank You Notes Impact Marketing Strategies
  • Writing Effective Case Studies

Video 4: Live Q&A


In the final session, we open up dialogue with Noah using hot seats and Q&As to let the community ask questions and seek out answers to their most important sales, business, marketing, advertising and social platforming questions.
Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime event to learn how you can build a stronger business through positive customer interactions, establishing end-to-end sales goals, and learning what marketing tactics make the most difference in today’s business world.
You’ll leave equipped with the right tools, tactics, and strategies to generate massive returns with minimal investment. Don’t just maintain the status quo, reach for the Summit!


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Complete Digital Access to the 2015 Evergreen Summit. Digest the entire Summit in 4 easy-to-watch videos.