How To Dramatically Increase Your Presence, Earn More Revenue, Become Ferociously Resourceful and Develop 20/20 Opportunistic Vision Allowing You To Stay Keenly Attuned To The Abundance of Opportunity Around Us…

And If You Don’t Recognize THIS Opportunity Knocking, You Need To Be Here More Than You Think.

Wednesday June 19, 2013, 9 AM to 4 PM In Windsor, Ontario. 


In response to popular demand, I’m excited to announce my first ever public workshop in Windsor, Ontario. Colleagues and contacts have been asking me for some time to create a live workshop specifically for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and solo-professionals. This is my response to those requests.

People are always asking me how I’m able to effortlessly write for global publications like Fast Company Magazine or Forbes, be interviewed on sites like Mixergy, or quoted and mentioned in places like The New York Times & Reuters, or how I’m able to hang out with NY Times Bestselling Authors, top bloggers, and the business elite…

One person asked me, “does everything you touch turn to gold?”

Call it ingenious, opportunistic, innovative, clever, resourceful… Call it whatever you’d like, but I’ll show you how I’m able to quickly and rapidly find and exploit opportunities… shamelessly…and how you can do this same. That’s what The Opportunity Workshop is all about.

It will take place in the Windsor-area on Wednesday June 19, 2013, from 9 AM to 4 PM.

The exact location to be announced soon.

You’ll leave knowing:

      • How to quickly recognize opportunities that will have a positive and dramatic impact on increasing revenue without wasting your precious time and energy.
      • How to think bigger and develop an abundance mentality. Learn strategies to overcome the single most important roadblock to your success – your own head!
      • Tools, techniques and immediately applicable practices to dramatically launch yourself into another atmosphere.
      • How to simplify everything you do — let’s not just recite the old “work smarter, not harder” mantra, but let’s practically implement it. Learn how to master your time for maximum effectiveness.NoahThumb
        • How to develop a Global Presence while Staying Local.
        • How to stand out from the racket – become an object of other people’s fascination within weeks!
        • How to Network on Steroids – without having to go to cocktail parties.
        • How to actually take home what you learn and apply it! We will discuss how to take your new learnings & insights and implement them. Everyone will leave with a plan for action.

The Specifics:

A light breakfast, catered lunch and refreshments are included in your fee. You’ll receive Prep Work approximately two weeks prior to the event.


The first five people to register will join me for dinner the night before, my treat. An intimate gathering where we’ll share fine food, wine and great discussion.


The first 10 people to join will receive unlimited access to me via phone and email for 30 days after the event to implement your learnings from the event!

The Investment:


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