The Customer Iron Cage – 2014 “Virtually Live” Seminar Series


What would it mean to your business to have your customers protected from your competition by an Iron Cage?

Even though you’re probably unaware of it, with each passing moment, your customers and clients are getting ready to move on. They’re being influenced by your competitors, and persuaded by other marketing…But more often than not, they leave because you haven’t built the Iron Cage around them.

When you retain more of your customers and clients you’ll make more money, it’s that simple.  For many organizations, retention, and keeping customers once they’ve got them, is an afterthought. This 2014 Virtually Live Seminar Series will help your company increase profits by building an iron cage around your customers.

Focusing merely on customer acquisition efforts in the hope that the retention problems can be solved as they present themselves, or that they’ll take care of themselves, is a wasteful, myopic, and arrogant business strategy.

This live hangout series will focus on a number of unique & new ideas, and the pragmatic steps to build an iron cage around your customers and clients.

The details are below. And if you register today, you’ll get an early-bird discount which won’t be around for long.

Why Participate?

You get the immediacy, intimacy, timeliness, and energy of a “live event,” without the travel and time away from home. I prepare the material just as I would to present a regular live event, working just as hard on your behalf. You get concise, condensed how-to, practical and pragmatic information, and they’re all interactive. You have the ability to get your specific and particular questions answered.

How Do They Work?

All the events will take place using Google’s New “Hangouts on Air” Platform. No software to download and there’s nothing fancy to install. It couldn’t be any easier. They will always be live and be highly interactive. No more staring at boring Powerpoints and useless bullets. IF I show any slides, I can promise they’ll only be displayed to share something specific. For the most part, I’ll be talking to you directly, live, and in some cases interviewing carefully chosen experts who I’ve invited to join us. Participants can also submit questions in advance via email.


This is an unprecedented opportunity to get in on a new exciting development opportunity and highly personal training with me at a bargain rate.

Each live event will be between 60-90 minutes. The first 30-40 minutes I’ll present as a live event based on the schedule below, and we’ll leave the rest of the time “open” to answer your questions and have discussion.

How Do You Join?

It’s simple. After you sign up I’ll add you to a private email invite list. Each month you’ll receive a single email invitation with a link to click and away you go. If you’re unable to join or attend a specific month, it’s no problem. You’ve already got the dates below, so can schedule these in your calendar well in advance. Each month’s event will be recorded and available for viewing within 24 hours.

How Much Does The Virtually Live Series Cost?

The live hangouts will be accessible for $99 each, or under $50 each when you pre-register for the entire series for only $297! This substantial 50% early-bird discount is only available until midnight February 7th. (There are a maximum of 100 seats available for the series!)

Early-bird subscribers receive an additional two BONUS events – taking your total investment to less than $37 per event!

My Guarantee To You

During every single live event, over the course of the next eight months, I guarantee you’ll walk away with a least one new instantly actionable idea/tactic/or strategy that will pay for the series series 10X over. If you attend even one single session over the course of the year, and don’t walk away with something actionable worth at least 10X the fee you paid for the entire series – just let me know and I’ll immediately refund every single dime, no questions asked. 


The Customer Iron Cage – 2014 Live Hangout Series topics were chosen based on discussions with dozens of clients over the past few months and the most pressing issues many of you are dealing with.

March 20 10:00AM EST – Evergreen Relationships:  

Relationships rule. Is your company lush and green year round or do you shed customers like dead leaves? Learn why relationships rule the business landscape and how to ensure you’re cultivating and nurturing relationships like towering Evergreens.

April 16 10:00AM EST – How To Dramatically Increase Your Marketing Effectiveness: 

Breakthrough ideas and strategies to unleash your marketing department and generate a remarkable ROI every time.

May 22 10:00AM EST – Iron Cage Customer/Client Retention: 

How to build an Iron Cage around your customers, increasing client value, and maximizing the profits of every customer interaction.

June 10  10:00AM EST – The Art of The Referral: 

How to rapidly increase referrals and create a tsunami of powerful word-of-mouth for your organization.


September  18 10:00AM EST – The Community Chest: 

How to build your customer community, pass go, collect cash and win, every single time!

October  22 10:00AM EST – Making The Sale Stick:

How to ensure the first experience with your company creates a lasting impression. I’ll show you how to build a new customer welcome package that makes them stick like glue. 

For those who join before February 2, you’ll also get access to two bonus events!

BONUS EVENT ONE: November 20 10:00AM EST – The Customer Winback:

How to recapture lost customers, and bring them back happier and more loyal than ever before!

BONUS EVENT TWO: December 11 10:00AM EST – Up-to-Date:

 “What’s Working” and “What’s Not” in Marketing, and the trends you need to be aware of moving into 2015. I will interview a guest panel of top marketers and experts based on their experiences throughout the year, to see what’s working, what’s not, and where they’re heading in 2015…


 A few days after each event, you’ll get an executive summary, from me, of the most impactful lessons from each session.

*Every session will be available to download within 24 hours and you’ll be able to stream any live event 24/7 for life.
**Dates are subject to change within 30 days notice.

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