The Buying Loop™
Why People Buy Again, and Again, and Again!

Imagine your current sales force of forty performing as if it were a thousand people strong, how would that change your business?

With no capital investment you can leverage your organization’s sales by a factor of twenty-five or more.

Noah has worked extensively with organizations to create non-captive sales forces that increase your sales in an organized manner among people not on the payroll. Noah can help your organization create incredible word-of-mouth marketing, customer evangelism, and brand loyalty turning your customers into evangelists.

Noah offers a choice of two unique relationships to create tectonic shifts in your organization’s sales and marketing effectiveness.

Option 1: The Marketing Master Institute

Someone from your team will spend three days with Noah personally to work on strategies for growth and the tactics to implement his proprietary approaches within your sales force or organization. This option includes a 3-day 1:1 intensive personally with Noah. You can either come to Noah or he’ll come to you.

Your Investment:

$13,000 if you come to Noah.
$17,500 if he comes to you. This covers travel & accommodations anywhere within North America.

The Marketing Master institute is also recommended for entrepreneurs, and small to medium-sized business owners.

Option 2: Creating The Triple Win

Noah will implement his proprietary approaches to customer loyalty & retention, word-of-mouth marketing, customer evangelism, and other formalized development for your entire sales and/or marketing team (or a critical mass thereof). This will create dramatically increased revenues by lowering the costs of customer acquisition, improving your marketing effectiveness, reducing churn, and increasing the lifetime value of your best customers.

This approach includes live workshops, 1:1 coaching and training with your front-line sales performers and support staff, how to apply these approaches to existing clients and prospects, and the required organization-wide shifts in strategy for maximum success.

For further information on either option, please click here to contact Noah.