Six Month Small Business Marketing Mentorship

Six Month Small Business Marketing Mentorship


An offering specifically designed for very small business, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and solo-professionals.  This is a mentoring relationship that lasts for six months. Here’s are a few examples of how it works and things that are open for discussion:

  • Overall Business Challenges
  • Marketing & Advertising Opportunities
  • Brainstorming New Ideas
  • Mindset (Are you getting in your own way? Let me help!)
  • Customer Issues (Dealing with a lousy customer or looking to improve customer relations? Let me help!)
  • Taking Action & Execution
  • Goal Setting, Planning, and Thinking Bigger!
  • Proposal Reviews & Suggestions (Submitting a proposal to a client or reviewing a proposal from a vendor? I’ll help you.)
  • Client/Meeting Prep (Wondering what to say to a prospective client? We can roleplay.)

Coaching is proactive (hold your feet to the fire) whereas mentoring  (this program) is reactive. This means, you ask questions and I give you direct, rapid, specific answers.

The beauty of this option is I’m available as often as you need me, and when you need me. Some people contact me daily, some weekly, some monthly. You have unlimited access by phone, email, text, and skype during normal business hours. All emails and phone calls are returned within two hours during normal business hours.


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