Kudos to Noah Fleming for coming to Rhode Island recently to deliver a very fine presentation and dynamic discussion to our group of 30 chief executives and business owners.  Our Chief Executives Club, which advocates professional development, strategic implementation and problem-solving, meets monthly.  We are discerning in our selection of the important challenges for debate, as well as the experts to explore them with our probing, highly experienced and professionally demanding membership.  Noah ranks among the finest authorities we’ve had over the years in strategic customer service management and the myriad impacts that it has on company sales, profit, and value.  For business leaders interested in growing customer retention (and who’s not?), Noah’s your guy to tap!  I recommend him without reservation! 

Lawrence E. Wilson, Executive Director of Economic and Leadership Development, Rhode Island College – for the Chief Executives Club [divider]

The Employment Help Centre (EHC) is a not for profit, charitable organization that is funded to provide employment programs and services for unemployed or under-employed individuals.  Our agency was having challenges meeting expectations specific to one of the program components that was designed to assist youth with securing competitive labour market attachment.  We had applied and utilized several conventional approaches to no avail.  Our staff had ‘brainstorming’ sessions in an attempt to devise new strategies and approaches.  These simply did not yield the results we were seeking.

I had the opportunity to hear Mr. Fleming who was a keynote speaker at a conference I had attended.  The impression he left with me is that he would be able to help us with our challenge.  I contacted him and we met to discuss the agencies mandate and what our challenge was.  He quickly grasped the difficulties we were having and understood the implications if this problem was not solved.  Mr. Fleming subsequently developed a proposal with options that the EHC could potentially work with.  Noah then met with the management team and he was able to work collaboratively and purposefully to develop strategies that were unique, creative and innovative.  He also did consultation with staff members of the EHC to garner input and perspectives. These efforts generated twelve distinct approaches that could be implemented in a timely and effective manner that resulted in a significant turn-around and the agency was able to quickly meet and maintain their objectives successfully.  These approaches were not only valuable in addressing immediate challenges and but were also utilized for other components in a meaningful application.

Noah proved to be effectively responsive in addressing our presenting problems and formulating solutions that were highly beneficial to the initial challenge and the agency as a whole. His approach was subtle yet positive and highly impactful. And his visions were not only effective but also cost-efficient, and utilized immediately.  It was a pleasure to have Noah act as a consultant to our agency and with his insights achieve the results we were seeking.

Stan Drobnich, Executive Director – Employment Health Centre [divider]

I was looking for a Keynote speaker for our 2014 Fall Conference. For a number of years, I have been advising our Notary members to mine for gold in their established data bases of clients and suppliers.

When Marketing expertise was mentioned, Noah Fleming’s name kept popping up.  When I visited his website and started reading his material—Customer Relationship-Building, Retaining Your Client, Leverage Your Current Client Base, and so on, I quickly thought, This is the person I want! He is putting into words what I have been thinking and he is providing excellent marketing guidance to his clients. Noah recently presented at our Fall Conference and AGM in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia. His education session for over 250 BC Notaries was very well received. Many of our members are already implementing what they learned from him.

Noah was responsive and excellent to work with. It was obvious during his Keynote address that he had taken the time to learn what BC Notaries do and to look at many of our members’ websites and their material. Noah delivered! G. W. Wayne Braid, CEO, BC Notaries[divider]

When we needed to learn how to build Mixergy.com’s Award Winning membership site, do you know who we trusted? Noah Fleming. Andrew Warner – Mixergy.com

At our 36th Annual Conference, we wanted to give our members an equal dose of immediately useful information and the confidence to put it to use. Noah Fleming’s closing keynote, which emphasized the critical importance of retention, gave us all a number of strategies that we could begin using right away. All of our members found the talk entertaining and useful. I recommend him highly. – Robert Brady, Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA) President, and Founder, Business & Legal Resources (BLR)[divider]

Noah is an engaging speaker, full of inspiring nuggets of marketing brilliance and insight. It was a pleasure attending his session at the Subscription Site Insider Summit and I look forward to implementing the tactical advice he gave and improving our members’ experiences while boosting renewals! Nicole Rodriguez, Marketing Manager, PRO, MarketingProfs.com[divider]

Vindicia’s clients found Noah’s presentation to be full of pragmatic advice on online customer retention. In addition, he handled the questions from our clients exceedingly well. We look forward to similar engagements with Noah in the future and would heartily recommend Noah to anyone interested in an excellent presentation, delivered in an engaging manner, with a very high practical content. Charles Breed, Senior VP Corp Development, Vindicia[divider]

Noah is an expert at strategic marketing and membership retention. He had volumes of new ideas and beyond that stuck with me as I’ve continued to work through challenges and implement strategies. Two words for anyone considering using Noah as a consultant. Hire him. Doug Patt, President, How to Architect[divider]

The lessons I learned about building, sustaining, and scaling our organizations website have been invaluable. Kathy Borkoski – PeaceInYourHome.com – Marketing Director[divider]

Earmarking dollars specifically for marketing is always a challenge & is easily curtailed when reviewing budgets. However, working with Noah the past seven years has proven to be one of the wisest investments our companies have made. His innovative & result-driven techniques have not only greatly improved our bottom line but has transformed our approach to business and our ongoing relationship with our customers. Troy Loop – Jack’s Gastropub[divider]

I have now relied upon Noah’s insights and advice for several years. When I made the decision to start an online community Noah was the person who showed me the path. Today I operate a successful and profitable online community in what is a fiercely competitive niche dominated by some really “big fish.” A lot of people doubted that a “little guy” like me stood a chance in such a market. Yet, my business is now several years old, has been profitable every one of those years, and is primed to enter another growth phase. If you are ready for a strategic marketing plan to develop a loyal client base, that reduces attrition rates to a trickle, and that helps you keep more of your new business for the long haul then I need say no more because you’ve found the right guy. Chris Smith – The Option Club, LLC[divider]

WOW. Noah is a customer retention BEAST!
Lewis Howes, LewisHowes.com[divider]

Noah is a specialist in the art of retaining customers. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “retention is the new acquisition” you’ll begin to understand the importance of Noah’s work. Getting clients is one thing. Keeping them is another thing. Noah specializes in both. He’s also one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Ray Edwards – Renowned Direct Response Copywriter, RayEdwards.com[divider]

Noah has mastered the subscription site model. He helped us think through our overall strategy and gave us excellent input on a number of specific decisions we needed to make. Erick W, Attorney[divider]

With Noah’s help we increased our companies referrals by over 142% in one week! In addition, he gave us the tools and materials to build relationships with two professional trade associations that will allow our company to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenues this year. J. McConnell – (Company Name withheld by Request)[divider]

Bottom line when you work with Noah? Except revenues to increase VERY quickly. Larry R. (Company Name withheld by Request[divider]

A single coaching session generated us an additional $10,000 with one single email. Mike W. (Company Name withheld by Request[divider]

Noah taught me to write proposals and handle clients in a special way so I could raise my consulting fees, while actually working *less*. Here we are six months later and I’ve multiplied my investment in Noah by TEN TIMES – a thrilling result! The extra cash allowed me to hire more team members and speed up the growth of my consultancy ProfitFactory.com. Thanks Noah! Tim Francis, Founder ProfitFactory.com[divider]