Noah Fleming has changed the way the world thinks about customers.

In under five years, Noah has helped his clients generate over $5bn in word-of-mouth business and new revenue from their existing customers.

Noah works with senior executives and teams across an array of diverse companies such as Michael Kors, The Washington Capitals, Broadway, Mistras Group, and many more. These clients have engaged Noah to find the best strategies, codify sales & marketing processes, and to maximize revenue from new and existing customers.

He has significantly increased revenues for hundreds of clients across dozens of industries and markets, and it’s common for his clients to see a 200–500% return on their investment.

Noah is also the author of the books” Evergreen: Cultivate The Enduring Customer Loyalty That Keeps Your Business Thriving, and The Customer Loyalty Loop: The Science Behind Creating Great Experiences and Lasting Impressions, and Dealing with Difficult Customers: How to Turn Your Demanding, Dissatisfied, and Disagreeable Clients into Your Best Customers.  All three books made three separate #1 category rankings on Amazon including Sales, Marketing & Customer Service.

Bottom line … he is the trusted source for coaching and consulting to thousands of business owners, executives, and individuals who want to dramatically grow their businesses, leveraging the hidden assets they already have in place.

So when Noah consults with clients about strategic marketing that leads to increased sales and profits … they listen closely to what he has to say.

In fact, the executives at Eastwood Guitars listened … to the tune of $270,000 in extra revenue in only 3 days.

Clients like Troy Loop also listened…

“Earmarking dollars specifically for marketing is always a challenge & is easily curtailed when reviewing budgets. However, working with Noah the past seven years has proven to be one of the wisest investments our companies have made. His innovative & result-driven techniques have not only greatly improved our bottom line but has transformed our approach to business and our ongoing relationship with our customers.”

Even other marketing experts like Lewis Howes “listen up” when Noah starts to demonstrate his expertise…

“WOW. Noah is a customer retention BEAST!” Lewis Howes,

Of course, Noah has helped create many more client success stories since beginning his business strategy consulting practice over a decade ago, in 2005.
And it’s not uncommon for clients to work with Noah and get 200 – 500% ROI in his services. He accomplishes these types of dramatic results by quickly finding major opportunities and “hidden” inefficiencies in your business processes. Then Noah works his magic, implementing the solutions as part of a comprehensive business strategy he will develop and execute for you (more about this on his Services page).

Fleming is everywhere you would expect to find him in the media, and has been routinely quoted and mentioned on major media outlets like the New York Times, Forbes, and Reuters (among others). He’s also an expert blogger for Fast Company Magazine and a regular contributor to The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business Section.
Noah is also a sought-after speaker, with notable engagements at SXSW, Hubspot’s Inbound conference, and numerous schools and Universities (including a TEDx talk viewed by thousands of people).

“When Marketing expertise was mentioned, Noah Fleming’s name kept popping up. When I visited his website and started reading his material – Customer Relationship- Building, Retaining Your Client, Leverage Your Current Client Base, and so on, I quickly thought, this is the person I want!” — G. W. Wayne Braid, CEO BC Notaries
“Noah is an engaging speaker, full of inspiring nuggets of marketing brilliance and insight. It was a pleasure attending his session at the Subscription Site Insider Summit and I look forward to implementing the tactical advice he gave and improving our members’ experiences while boosting renewals!” — Nicole Rodriguez, Marketing Manager, PRO,

On top of that … Noah Fleming also publishes a widely read email newsletter to over 30,000 readers, and a business strategy podcast called The Evergreen Show

In addition, there are also a number of other free resources he has made available for executives and business owners directly on this website.

But Noah doesn’t stop there; he also mentors up and coming consultants…

He is currently one of only 40 people in the world who is globally recognized and accredited by hall-of-fame consultant Dr. Alan Weiss as a Master Mentor to other consultants.

And if that weren’t enough, Fleming has also saved a nonprofit organization on the verge of losing $500,000 in Government funding. The organization had only 6 months to meet their objectives and maintain funding, and Noah helped them exceed this expectation drastically … by massively surpassing their minimum requirements in under 30 days
When not saving nonprofits, speaking, writing, mentoring and pulling hidden profits out of seemingly thin air for businesses … Noah likes to cook for and spend time with his wife, Heather, and two daughters, Avalon & Ella.

So if you’re ready to begin the process of looking for the goldmine of hidden profits in your own business, the first step is to fill out the form below or call (519) 259-8037 to schedule your initial consultation with Noah Fleming today.

If you’re a Senior Executive in an organization with over $200M in sales or market cap, please contact Noah directly HERE.
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