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If you need to ramp up your sales, but don’t have the time or resources to work on it yourself, then you’ve landed on the right page.

Sales Challenges That Keep You Up At Night

Do any of these challenges keep you up at night?

  • Hiring salespeople only to get little or no results.
  • Losing your best sales talent because you can’t keep up with their comp demands.
  • Lack of plans to guide your organization to consistent revenue growth.
  • Struggling to keep up with the competition, especially online.
  • Having repeatable revenue strategies that produce predictable revenue growth every month consistently.
  • Sales management struggling to give you clear answers as to why things are going wrong or you’re not getting your desired results.
  • Losing customers because your employees aren’t staying in touch.
  • Your sales team blaming marketing efforts, price, customer service, leadership, or the market for their lack of results.
  • Continuously declining annual market share.

More than likely, your sales process (or lack of one) is the problem.

The Wrong Strategies

Most organizations try to solve these challenges with a number of different strategies.

First, businesses love to invest in more training.

We’ve famously said the last thing you need is more training. Our famous “$5M bet you don’t need more training” is more than enough proof. Save your money. Look, we’re being a little facetious here but cookie-cutter programs are usually the last thing a company needs to create systematic annual sales growth.

Second, they hire a big guns sales manager.

This is similar to trying to kill a fly with a bazooka. Experience doesn’t guarantee a better future. The joke I’ve heard over and over again from CEOs and Presidents is “the best sale & deal he ever made was when he convinced us to hire him for this role.” Third, they try to implement sales technology to overcome their lack of process.

This is a good idea, but it’s not enough. New technologies are only as good as the people using them.

Fourth, they try to implement a new CRM software to fix all of their problems. New tools are likely going to muddy the waters not make them clearer.

I could keep going.

All of these solutions fail to address the root cause, which is your lack of a sales process.

Consider one of our happiest customers, Speedway Motorsports. This is a publicly-traded U.S. organization with top talent running through the halls. Yet, for months (maybe years) they struggled to finalize their process.

But with our help, we got it done in one day! (see the video at the top of the page!)

My name is Noah Fleming and my company provides proven repeatable and scalable processes. Our clients include some of the biggest and most reputable brands in the world.

From small to mid-size companies, to larger privately held companies, to global publicly-traded behemoths. We’ve helped these companies and their teams improve their results (and my own) by as much as 50% in six months or less.

Our clients come from hundreds of different industries. We have yet to find an industry where we could not bolster consistent growth.

Our business growth consulting is designed to help companies that are facing the challenges I mentioned above. We’re also the only company in the world that develops custom processes for B2B privately held companies in 1-day or less.

Why Choose Us To Help You?

If you’re looking for expertise from someone that isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty and help you build an approach that works, then we’re the company for you.

When other companies turn down a new client because they don’t have time, we take the challenge on. Because we know we’re capable of delivering results.

This isn’t just about consistent sales growth. It’s also about customer satisfaction and providing an exceptional customer experience.

Stop Wasting Time

By working with us you’ll save both time and money. You’ll stop wasting time on ineffective or non-existent solutions and be able to get back to growing your business.

We have the ability to give you that custom process in 1-day or less because of our proprietary process that we’ve developed over the last 15+ years.

The 1-Day Sales Process offers a revolutionary approach to creating and developing critical, and perhaps non-existent processes, or improving your existing processes to operate at a world-class level.

The 1-Day Process approach is designed to help your company to formulate world-class processes quickly, to be implemented immediately, to get seamless adoption from your teams, and the ability to make changes rapidly as your conditions change.

With current clients, I’ve helped them develop and codify their sales, ongoing customer engagement, referral generation, customer service, and onboarding processes to name a few.

They’ve been so successful that I’ve decided to open them up to any company.

Why Should You Improve Your Sales Process?

There is no more powerful tool than a well-defined (and well monitored) process to drive rapid change in any area of your business. Whether you’re trying to get more revenue from your sales team, better customer experiences from your service team, or even to ensure you’re making strategic decisions more effectively, enforcing the use of a well-defined process is critical to sustainable success.

But getting started with processes is hard, or it could sound daunting.

Companies want to be “organic” and “inclusive” these days.

What if your teams don’t use them?

What if nobody can agree on what should be done?

If you’ve hired good people, why should you require them to use a process that may make them feel boxed in?

Does This Sound Familiar?

Here are the commonalities I’ve found with sales teams, from my hands-on work in turning around over 100 sales teams across over a dozen different industries:

If you don’t have a sales process or defined system for systematic revenue growth, your sales team is broken.

If you think you have a sales process, your people probably aren’t following it.

If your people are following the process, you’re probably not updating it frequently enough to maximize your sales success.

If your people are following your process and you’re regularly reviewing it to make sure it continues to represent what’s working best, then you are almost certainly getting as much out of your sales team as is possible.

Now, I make it a requirement for any client that before I do any sales training before I do any work with them on developing advanced sales, marketing, or customer service strategies, that they get the easy things right. And there’s nothing easier (or more effective) than a well-defined sales process that is actually being followed.

90% of positive results from sales transformation programs come from modifications to the sales process.

In the early days, this took a long time – everybody had a different vision for what it should look like, everybody had different reasons why it wouldn’t work for them, and most of all, everybody was convinced that they were so special and unique that they would only be held back by a process.

Over time, I started refining the methodologies I used to create the process to everybody’s satisfaction – now, we can do it in one day.

The benefits and improvements are enormous – instead of taking months to get up and running, you can start tomorrow.

Customer Testimonials

“Thanks to Noah, I was able to build my sales team a process that they use every day, and it transformed our business.”

“Our day with Noah was extremely valuable! He made the process of creating a custom sales process approachable and actionable. I would highly recommend Noah Fleming and his team to any company that is looking for a repeatable sales process.”

“Noah was able to help us develop an incredible process that drives our top-line growth. He exceeded my expectations in his ability to get us from point A to B quickly.”

“We’ve known forever we need a more “refined” sales process, and we’ve been trying for months to do it. We were able to do it in one day and Noah was a big part of why we were successful.”

“With Noah’s 1-Day Sales process, we were able to take our sales process from the stone age to modern in one day. We were oblivious to our sales management issues. Noah’s approach was subtle but effective”

“When I first met Noah, I was impressed with how he could quickly see the challenges our company was facing. He developed a custom solution for us that addressed those issues and drove our sales growth rate through the roof.”

How To Work with Noah

There are just three simple steps for us to go through to work together.

Step 1: Book a strategy Session During our strategy session, we’ll discuss your specific goals and challenges. I’ll provide you with an overview of how our process works and we can then discuss how to achieve your specific sales growth goals.

Step 2: Agree it’s Time to Take Action We’ll present a proposal that describes your desired outcomes, measures of success, and the expected return on investment for your company.

Step 3: Book Your Process Development Session We’ll then schedule a 1-day process development session for us to work on your custom process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really just 1-day?

No, not really. There is pre-work for your team to complete to get the most out of our day together. After that, I’m with your team for 30 days to ensure things don’t lose momentum. In addition, there are options to engage and have me continue to be involved in a trusted advisor capacity.

How does it work geographically?

It doesn’t matter where you’re located. We’ve worked with clients across the country and around the globe. Given the global pandemic, the most recent 1-Day Sales Process events are being completed virtually. Even though we still call it the 1-Day Sales Process we complete the event over 2-3 morning sessions to avoid screen fatigue.

We don’t use consultants, why should we use your service?

I’ve heard this before and it’s incredibly antiquated thinking. What I tell most of my clients is they likely haven’t the right ones. Most of my best clients would agree, and in fact, most of my clients would tell you I’m not a “typical consultant.”. My process is not based on the latest fad or fashions but rather on the principles of sales and marketing that have stood the test of time. We have a deep understanding of the specific needs companies need to grow long-lasting relationships with their clients. After all, we wrote THE book on the topic.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in learning more, go to this link and book a call with me to determine whether or not it’s right for your company, or feel free to click here and send me an email.

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